Monday, February 22, 2010

Review of BulletProof Knees

If you are pushing your body to its limits it is going to break down at some time or another. For some it is their back, some their shoulder and in my case it was my right knee. I have arthritis in that knee, most likely from being rolled on twice playing college footbball. I have been having some sort of pain and swelling over the last 18 months. I asked for help on Twitter. @RobTrainSystems replied and offered me a copy of his product Bulletproof Knees.

When I got the manual and dvd in the mail I was supprised at how much information was included. Mike covers everything you need to know. What exercises you need to do and which ones to avoid. He go into depth about what areas you need to stretch or foam roll to reduce your pain and he clearly states that mobility work is very important. And I agree. Now in my opinion Mike did not go into too much depth in the manual. I understand Mike already put out Magnificent Mobility and it covers everything you need to know for a great dynamic warm-up.

Overall this is a great product and has helped me reduce most of the pain I have. Now with that being said the pain only stays away as long as I do what is outlined in the book. Consistency is key. As soon as I skip my mobility, soft tissue and stretching I am reminded with pain. This manual will give you the tools but you still have to do the work and be consistent.

The manual comes with a dvd. To be honest I have not watched all of it. I gave the manual to my dad in hopes he would read it and it would open his eyes to what he needs to do. I am still waiting for him to finish.

The manual is pricy. But to go through the day without any pain is priceless. How much is doing what you love worth to you?

If you have knee pain or work with someone who has knee pain should own Bulletproof Knees. If you don't have Magnificent Mobility get it as well. They both will have a huge impact on how you feel.

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