Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Redline Training W2/3 – More volume and iron therapy

This is week 2 of my Redline training but I did a week prior to starting the push. SO is this week 2 or 3?

4/13 dynamic effort lower
Short strap hypers – 200 2x15
Box squat – 235 5x2
Speed deadlift 405+60 pound of chain 20x1 (10 conventional, 10 sumo) Time of 10 min 15 seconds

A1 – pull through 100x12, 110 3x12
A2 – single leg alternating leg curl – orange band 4x15
B1 – short strap hypers 250x12, 295 2x12
B2 – band leg extension w/ 5 second lower   averagex8, strongx8, 8

4/16 AM dynamic effort upper
Dad was in the hospital on Wednesday and I was unable to get to the gym so I had to push this back a day later than normal. All went well and his procedure only took a few hours.
Elitefts shoulder saver bench press Up to 365x4
Swiss bar speed bench 225 9x5
Close grip bench against 60 pound of chain 305 5x1
A1 – JM press (reverse light band) to foam pad 255 x6, 5, 5
A2 – neutral grip pushdown 55 5x15

4/16 PM  upper assistance
This is my normal Thursday session but I had to push it to the afternoon because of the morning make up. This also allowed me to train with someone else and it was great to have Rob push me.
Dead stop dumbbell rows 100x10, 130 3x10
Tbar scap row and row 115 x 12/12, 125 3x12/12
Serrano arm complex 3x
Trifecta muscle round 20 2x

4/17 AM Max effort lower
 hips and low back were a little tight from the adjustment and back work the night before.
Long strap hypers 160x15, 205 2x15
Deadlift with plates on 4 mats. 425, 475, 515, 565, 605x1
Stiff leg deadlift standing on wood platform – 225x8, 275x8, 315x7, 365 3x8 (I am hurtin!)
That was all I had time.

4/17 PM  lower assistance
Reverse hyper long strap – sets of 8 until I got to 10 plates. Then did 1 drop sets.  10 reps with 10,9,8,7 plates. Stopped just enough to have partner remove the plate.

A1 - Glute ham raise 21’s – After the stiff leg deads in the morning this was a bad idea. 7 back raises, 7 glute ham raises from parallel, then 7 back raise+ glute ham raise.  3x
A2 – pulldown abs 3x12-15

I didn’t do any quad work and I really need it but again time was an issue. 

4/19 Max effort upper and pump city!
Fat gripz bench 225x5, 275x3, 315x1, 345x1, 370x1 PR, 385x1 PR - It was ugly but I finished it.


Overhead press - A weak area I really need to bring up.  155 x6, 6, 12
A1 dips - +25 poundsx8, +45x8, +90x8, 6, +45x muscle round - fail on last rep.

A2 Mag grip pulldown  130 5x15

B1 6way 10 x 2 muscle rounds
B2 hammer curls 2 sets after each muscle round

band pull aprts 3x30

An end to a good first cycle. I need to force myself to deload. Stress has been too high for me to run at this pace any longer. Weight is down 4-5 pounds. Holding body weight  between 240-241.

Been talking with a body builder friend and working on my physique.  I know shoulders and legs need much work but my back is not bad. So here is a bonus progress picture. DOn't mind the grown out mohawk and shaggy hair.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Redline training - week 1

Redline training
Stress has been extremely high and the iron has been my therapy. I am pushing training very hard for a meet in July.  All the training has been a raw focus and will continue that for the next 8-10 weeks.

4/4 Max effort bench
Close grip bench (thumb knuckle from smooth)
315x5, 335x2, 355x2, 365, 380x1
Add catapult 365x6, 385x6

Overhead press
115x6, 135x6, 145x6, 6, 12

A1 - Dips against orange band 12, 12, 12, 12, 10, 10
A2 – Mag grip pulldown 130 4x12, 1x10

6 way muscle rounds 8x1, 10x1, 10 – fail on 4th set

B1 – hammer curls 35 3x12, 1x10
B2 – band pull aparts mini 4x20

4/8 BW 243 – dynamic effort bench
Elitefts Shoulder saver bench Up to 340x6
Swiss bar speed bench 225 9x5
Close grip bench w/ 60 pound of chain 285 5x1
A1 - Jm press (reverse light band) to foam pad 225x6, 245x6, 265x6
A2 - Neutral grip pushdown 50 5x15
Band fly – mini band x100 reps with 10 second hold at 25, 50, 75 and 100

4/9 BW 244.5 – upper assistance
Dead stop dumbbell rows 100x10, 130 3x10
Tbar scap rows+tbar rows (12 of each) 3x12/12
Serrano arm complex – 3x (top secret)
Trifecta – 20 2x muscle round

As you can see there has been a ton of volume.  My time in the gym has helped to keep me from going crazy. Going into the void like Dave Tate.  But pushing this hard into the red will eventually be my on undoing.  Let's see how far we can take this before that happens. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Relentless meet write up

It has been a few weeks since the meet and I am finally getting some time to sit down and put everything down on paper.

Being a part of Relentless is one of the most amazing things I have ever done.  It is about lifting but it is not.  These meets are about HOPE.  As a whole we raised over $214,000 to help kids and families with life threatening illnesses.

When people talk about the relentless family they truly mean it is a family.  It is like a reunion at these meets.  Lifters helping other lifters even though it might hurt their own performance.  The meet atmosphere is different.

Going into the meet I had some goals.

1. Get through a full meet and put up a total
2. Set myself up for a bench and deadlift PR
3. Squat 525, bench 535, deadlift 740.  (planned 3rd attempts)

I de-loaded a little longer than I had planned so I wasn't sure how things would totally end up.

Friday we drove out and I made weight at 239.2 after my wife decided to play the heat game to cut the last few pounds and make weight.

Meet day 


Planned attempts 475, 500, 525

Since I was squatting in just briefs I was first in the flight.  I opened easy at 475.  Everything felt good so I jumped to my planned 3rd attempt of 525. Three white lights so I jumped to 550 and it ws good as well.  Looking at the video I should have gone heavier but I still would have been short of a PR total so it didn't really matter.

Actual attempts 475, 525, 550 - 3 for 3

Bench press

Planned attempts 500, 515-520, 535

A few weeks out from the meet I found a run and a small hole in my single ply shirt.  i wasn't sure if it would hold up through the meet but I was going to use it until it blew.

The weights felt light in the warm up room and my shoulder didn't give me much trouble as I warmed up.  I opened with 500 and had some difficulty touching but I touched and pressed very easily.  I was urged to take a big jump.  I decided to go for 525 since I was in the meet and my squat was above what I had planned.   My second attempt again flew up and I was urged to take a big jump.  Into uncharted water I went. Blowing past my PR of 530 to 550.  Taking jumps like this make me nervous because I have never pressed this much before.  My third attempt was good and this looked to be about the right call.  Six for Six!


Planned attempts 685, 715, 740

My lifting has always been about the deadlift.  It is my lift.  Training went well and my indicators shows I should be good for about 750.  My indicators we dead on.  After an easy opener and second attempt I took my planned third of 740.  My second attempt was a small pr and my third would be 25 pounds more than I had ever deadlifted from the floor.

740 came up like an opener!

9 for 9

 It is always exciting to see your training come together and do exactly what you set out to do.  Yet it is almost disappointing knowing that you left so many pounds on the platform.  I am now eagerly awaiting some down time to recover and relax.  It won't be long before prep for Relentless Minnesota begins.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Relentless Detroit 3 weeks out

10/13 Dynamic Effort Lower
TRX leg curls 4x10
Speed deadlift 455 5x1
Yoke bar goodmornings 145 3x8
Single leg hypers 4 plates 4x8
Situps on ghr 2x8

10/15 Speed bench
Speed bench – Short mini and long micro mini 165 5x5, 185 1x5, 205, 225x1
Db press on steep incline 80 x12, 9, 9
Banded scap rows – avg band 2x12
A1 neutral grip pushdown 4x10
A2 side raises 4x15

10/16 Bench assistance
Neutral grip pulldowns 4x8
Alternating db curls 3x8
Barbell rows 2x10
Drag curls 2x8

10/17 Max effort Lower
Tuesday my knee felt great. After the soft tissue work my swelling was down to as good as it gets.  Wednesday morning I took my dog for a walk and my knee was tender to talk on. It felt like I had a bruise next to my knee cap. The problem is I did no lower body and don’t remember hitting it on anything. Needless to say I tried to keep things simple and put as little pressure as possible on the joint.
Suspended yoke bar good mornings
Worked up to 365x2 – Very good for me from this position.
A1 long strap hypers 9 plates 4x10
A2 side bends 70 4x12
I trained a client then did Serrano slplit squats with a Purdue Barbell lifter. I think this caused my knee to swell more or stay swollen. I felt alright. I have a feeling my Lateral quad is tight and pulling my kneecap over enough to cause some issues.

10/19 Max effort upper
Had a visitor come in and train with me today. We had a good pace and he pushed me to work harder today. I am always grateful for those workouts.
Reverse band bench with elitefts strong bands
225, 275, 315x5
365x3, 405x2, 455x1, 495x1
515x1, add grey catapult 545x1, 565x1

Relentless Detroit - 4 weeks out

10/7 DE lower
Pretty beat up from last weekend so I kept things very easy.
Reverse hypers 8sets
Side bends 3 sets

10/8 DE upper
3 board
275, 295, 315, 335, 355x5
4 board
345 3x5
Speed bench
Short mini + long micro mini
185 6x5
Pushdowns 3x12

10/9 Upper assistance
A1 dumbell rows 130 3x8
A2 DD pulldowns 130 3x8
Jwalking 2x
B1 DB preacher curl 3x12
B2 hammer curls – bottom half 3x12

10/10 Max effort deadlift
Manual leg curls 3x5 assistance from avg band 3x5
Deadlift with plates raised 2 ½ inches (4 mats)
Add  jack sumo deadlifter
625, 675, 715x1, 750 close but no cigar.

10/11 Deadlift For Hope
The meet raised $2500 for Detroit Relentless.  I am very happy about this. 

After the meet I had some soft tissue work done. It beat me up pretty good but I felt better.

10/12 ME upper
Still beat up from the day before I did what I could.
Floor press with 120# of chain 185, 225, 255x1 ( I called it there rather than push it. )

Serrano overhead press 8 2x15

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Relentless Detroit - 5 weeks out

9/30 Rep lower
Ball leg curls 3x12

Speed squats with light onyx band
225 4x2, 245 2x2, 275x1, 315x1

This was the first time I have done traditional speed squats in a very long time. I love it but my body just can't handle it.

stiff leg deadlift w/ 2 chain
315x6, 365 2x6

10/1 Speed bench
3 board
325 3x5

4 board

speed bench with short monster mini band
185 6x5

10/2 upper assistance
A1 dumbell rows
130 3x8

A2 pulldowns

B1 preacher curl
B2 hammer curl


10/4 and 10/5 at the elitefte compound.
I was able to participate in the UGSS at elitefts.  Things went down like this.
Squat worked up to 510 in briefs

deadlift 4x isometric deadlifts superset with CAT deadlifts at 495. The last two speed deadlifts were 545 and 585.  These felt great even with it being the first time in a new jack sumo deadlifter.

Shoulder felt pretty good. The prehab work and neck stretching has helped.
Worked up to 530 in my single ply bash. I got some tips on how to twist the sleeves and how it should work.  I didn't get many reps but I am very happy with the end result.

I had a fantastic time with the elitefts family. I can't wait to go back.

Relentless Detroit - 6 weeks out

9/22 REP lower

band leg curl

box squat

Speed squat 235 and 120# of chain  3x2

long strap hypers 8 plates 4x10

9/24 DE upper
Right shoulder felt normal with no issues but my left is still catchy and giving me issues.

If I push the bar very straight with the right grip I could do my board work but speed work was out.

3 board
315 3x5

4 board

4 board was 2 off my record and if my shoulder were healthy I think I could have gotten 10. But as long as I got 5 I can live with this for now.

band pushdowns - avg x50

serrano ohp 15 2x10
tates 40 3x12

9/25 upper assistance 
straight arm grenade pulldown 30 3x12

db curls
grenade facepulls
barbell curls

9/26 Max effort lower

Rackable camber bar box squat  with halfed monster mini band
185, 225, 275, 315x1

Stiff leg deadlifts
275 2x6

9/28 Max effort upper
Shoulder was still bothering me so I took it easy again.
bench w/ 120# of chain
black catapult 275 x3

reverse band jm press 185 5x6
reverse band rows 3x6
hammer curls