Thursday, April 26, 2012

April training update

I need to do a meet and I am looking at one in June. If I can get enough shirt work done I think I can hit a pr. I will get some help to dial it in about two weeks out at Learn to Train.

Week 1 and 2
I will leave lower body stuff out for now. I do goodmornings on one day and pause squats on the other. Nothing heavy so I won't waste the time.

DE upper
Short monster mini bands about 90 pounds at the top and 70 at the chest.
155 bar weight for 6 sets of 5 on week one and seven sets on week 2. Both weeks I took two singles.

225 week 1 x6, x4 and week 2 3x5

A1 barbell rows
185 3x12

A2 rolling db extensions
60 3x12

B1 DB side raises (shockwave)
15-30#s 3 reps each (15 reps per set)

B2 DB curls (shockwave)
20-40#s 3 reps each (15 reps per set)

Db power cleans
17 3x15

ME upper
I was out of town and I went to a health club. I hit 315 for 4 singles. Then some hammer strength row machines. Decent pump but nothing major and it will all change this Sunday.

Carb back loading update

During my last deload (week of the SPF Women's PRO/AM) I finished my prep phase for Carb Backloading (CBL). Now I have been eating that way for over a year but when we started we have few details and started very simple. We got results and peaked at about 6 months. At that point I did not progress any more until the CBL ebook came out. That was late in 2011.

Since the start my body weight has only dropped nine pounds but my waist has dropped three and a half inches. My strength is the same or better and best off I just look better. I think this is a fairly easy way to live and lean out. You can cheat and not feel too bad and get back on track fairly easily. I still have a long way to go but eating pretty much what I want, getting leaner and stronger it is a no brainer. If you look at the ebook you will go it is $80 that is crazy and just forget it. I think the ebook comes with lifetime updates and you get access to a forum where you can get help from other back loaders. It also sounds too good to be true but I promise you it is not. This is the way my wife and I live. This is not a diet but a lifestyle.

If you need more proof check out how my wife has transformed. This is her article on dangerously hardcore.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I just want to say great job to my wife who did a fantastic job even with a messed up back at the SPF Women's PRO/AM.  I am not going to do a recap as you can read hers on It was one of the best run meets I have even been involved with.  The flights were posted the night before, the equipment was top notch and the meet ran almost on time. Great job to Laura Phelps for putting together a great meet.

I will write more later about her making weight using carb backloading.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 3 of March/April 2012 cycle

Wed April 4th

Each week I have used a micro mini band and added chain each week for this bench cycle. This week I use about 3 set of chain. I have not weighed my big chain but it is bigger than standard used for lifting. My other chain totals 28 pounds.

Speed bench 
135 9x3

Pin press

A1 fat man rows 4x12
A2 Tates 40x10, 55 3x12, x8

B1 shrugs 225x15, 275 2x15
B2 hyper curls 2x20

The shrugs resulted in a headache for 4 days. I am sure that is not the only factor but it did the most damage.

Lower body
HIIT on spin bike for 12 minutes

wall sits
weight vest (20)
+16kg kettlebell 2x30 sec, 24 kg 2x30 sec

A1 Leg curls with 20 pound ankle weights  4x25 each leg
A2 plank 4x30 sec

B1calf raises 2x15
B2 roller hypers 6 plates 2x8

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Max effort bench April 1 2012

My carb backloading is tightening up and body weight is down to 239 but my strength is still up. I will be doing a prep phase starting Tuesday though my deload week. This is going to suck but will fine tune things and jump start more progress.

Max effort upper
Floor press w/ fat gripz
273x3, 310x2, 340x1, 360x1 (close to a floor press all time record)

4 board
310x3, 360x3, 390x3, 409x1

A1 grenade rear band flys x15,15,20,20

A2 reverse average band rows  4x12

B1 pushdowns on dip machine 3x15

B2 curls on cable machine 3x12

B3 front raise with 45 pounds plate 3x12


Knee is feeling decent. Still minimal swelling is at bay and I feel like quad strength is getting a little better.

Giant camber bar goodmornings.
185x3, 225x3, 275x1, 315x1, 365x1

Felt good to go heavier even though this is only 60% of an all time record but I know I am keeping some strength.

A1 Pulldown abs 200 3x12

A2 curls 25 3x12

A3 band hip work x20, 15, 20, 15 (2 different seat heights)

B1 tkes 3x8
B2 skipped neck harness

Time for day two of low carbs.