Thursday, April 26, 2012

April training update

I need to do a meet and I am looking at one in June. If I can get enough shirt work done I think I can hit a pr. I will get some help to dial it in about two weeks out at Learn to Train.

Week 1 and 2
I will leave lower body stuff out for now. I do goodmornings on one day and pause squats on the other. Nothing heavy so I won't waste the time.

DE upper
Short monster mini bands about 90 pounds at the top and 70 at the chest.
155 bar weight for 6 sets of 5 on week one and seven sets on week 2. Both weeks I took two singles.

225 week 1 x6, x4 and week 2 3x5

A1 barbell rows
185 3x12

A2 rolling db extensions
60 3x12

B1 DB side raises (shockwave)
15-30#s 3 reps each (15 reps per set)

B2 DB curls (shockwave)
20-40#s 3 reps each (15 reps per set)

Db power cleans
17 3x15

ME upper
I was out of town and I went to a health club. I hit 315 for 4 singles. Then some hammer strength row machines. Decent pump but nothing major and it will all change this Sunday.

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