Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carb back loading update

During my last deload (week of the SPF Women's PRO/AM) I finished my prep phase for Carb Backloading (CBL). Now I have been eating that way for over a year but when we started we have few details and started very simple. We got results and peaked at about 6 months. At that point I did not progress any more until the CBL ebook came out. That was late in 2011.

Since the start my body weight has only dropped nine pounds but my waist has dropped three and a half inches. My strength is the same or better and best off I just look better. I think this is a fairly easy way to live and lean out. You can cheat and not feel too bad and get back on track fairly easily. I still have a long way to go but eating pretty much what I want, getting leaner and stronger it is a no brainer. If you look at the ebook you will go it is $80 that is crazy and just forget it. I think the ebook comes with lifetime updates and you get access to a forum where you can get help from other back loaders. It also sounds too good to be true but I promise you it is not. This is the way my wife and I live. This is not a diet but a lifestyle.

If you need more proof check out how my wife has transformed. This is her article on dangerously hardcore.

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