Thursday, September 25, 2014

Relentless Detroit meet prep - 7 weeks out

After my last bench session both shoulders were really ate up.  So I had to play things by ear.

9/16 Rep lower


box squat

My best box squat post surgery. Knees were achy but I did feel strong.

back raise
60 2x12

calf raise
situps on ghr

No pressing - Shoulders still hurt.

JM press
95 3x6

serrano ohp
12 2x12

45 3x12


9/18 upper assistance 
scap rows + tbar rows 4x12

Sled t and y

9/19 Lower max effort

bodyweight 237

isometric deadlift and CAT deadlift
2x against pin 2 and 2x pin 3

CAT - 465 + 2 pair of chain.

9/21 max effort upper
shoulders are slightly better. Good enough to do something.

Steep incline

DB press with light band around back
80x12, 100x12

A1 rear delt rows
30 4x25

A2 rolling db ext
45 4x12

serrano ohp
db curls

Monday, September 15, 2014

Relentless meet prep - 8 weeks out

9/8 Rep lower

band leg curls - Avg 3x12

Box squat - 275x15
Block DL

side bends - 80 3x12
Band good mornings - 5x20

9/10 Speed bench
4 board - 325 3x6

3 board
275 2x5
300 x5
320 x5
340 x5

speed bench w/ monster mini band
135 3x5
155 3x5

pushdowns 50 4x12

9/11 Upper assistance
Meadows rows 85 3x10

db incline curls 3x10
rotator pulldowns 4x12

Jwalking 3x distance
pulldown abs 3x10

9/12 Max effort lower
BW 234

ankle weight leg curls 2x12
deadlift work up to 485

A1 isometric deadlift in pin 1 4x6 seconds
A2 speed deadlift 485x2 reps  (4 rounds)

yoke bar good mornings 185 3x8

B1 short strap hypers 6 plates 5x10
B2 knee raises 4x10

C1 wall sit (60#, 80#) x60 seconds
C2 lunges 3x8

9/14 Max effort upper

add silver catapult

Add single ply shirt

right shoulder was toast after this.

serrano overhead press 10 2x12
Tates 50 3x12
low cable rows 90 3x12
jwalk x1

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Relentless meet prep - 9 weeks out

I was down for the count the last few days with a stomach bug. Weight dropped to about 231 and has not budged since. Even with carbs during the day. We will see what happens.

9/3  Dynamic effort upper
Speed bench with monster mini  155 6x5
185x1, 205x1
Db press
100x8, 130 x8,8,7,6
A1 klokov press 95 3x10
A2 incline bb extension 95x8, 115x8, 135x8

9/4 Upper assistance work
Meadows rows  75 4x12
Strip the rack ohp  3x6
Rotator pulldowns 2x12

9/5 Max effort lower
Ankle weight leg curls  2x12
Low box squat
Up to 355x1 – Stopped when my knee started to bother me. Had a little more left in the tank.
 I did a few other things but it was a mix of coaching Purdue barbell club and training. 

9/6 Max effort upper
225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 345x2
Add black catapult 365x2
Add silver catapult 385x2, 405x1 ½
Add single ply bash 425x2, 455x1, 495x1 (sloppy), add 1 ½ board 515x1
A1 Rolling db ext 60 3x10
A2 close grip pushups 4x8

9/7 Upper assistance
A1 sled Y+T  3x distance
A2 Keg (66#) ohp x8,10,12

Side raise with 5 second lower 12x12, 15x12, 20 2x12
Arnold press 25 2x12
Fat DD pulldowns 120 4x12
Fat gripz bb curls 3x12

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Relentless Detroit meet prep - 10 weeks out

8/27 Dynamic effort upper
Speed bench with swiss bar
225 6x5

DB press

A1 trifecta 20x60,15x60,10x60
A2 swiss bar ext 85 2x8, 105 2x8

band fly w/ stretch

8/28 upper assistance

neutral grip pulldown 130 5x12

rotator bar face pulls 8- 3x20

db preacher curls 30 3x8
hammer curls 3x12

8/29 Max effort lower

ankle weight leg curls 3x12

deadlift against 120# of chain
365x3, 405x3, 455x3 500x1

Ran out of time before a client got there.

Took a 75 minute break before finishing.

long strap hyper
7 1/2 plates 3x8

Then the worst decision I have ever made.
the 100 rep drop set. (10sets of 10)
9 1/2 plates down to 1.

That concluded my week.  Because I caught the stomach bug my kids brought home the very next day. This left me on the couch for 8 hours on Saturday before heading to bed for another 8 hours.  I am still sore and achy.