Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Relentless Detroit meet prep - 10 weeks out

8/27 Dynamic effort upper
Speed bench with swiss bar
225 6x5

DB press

A1 trifecta 20x60,15x60,10x60
A2 swiss bar ext 85 2x8, 105 2x8

band fly w/ stretch

8/28 upper assistance

neutral grip pulldown 130 5x12

rotator bar face pulls 8- 3x20

db preacher curls 30 3x8
hammer curls 3x12

8/29 Max effort lower

ankle weight leg curls 3x12

deadlift against 120# of chain
365x3, 405x3, 455x3 500x1

Ran out of time before a client got there.

Took a 75 minute break before finishing.

long strap hyper
7 1/2 plates 3x8

Then the worst decision I have ever made.
the 100 rep drop set. (10sets of 10)
9 1/2 plates down to 1.

That concluded my week.  Because I caught the stomach bug my kids brought home the very next day. This left me on the couch for 8 hours on Saturday before heading to bed for another 8 hours.  I am still sore and achy.

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