Friday, August 29, 2014

Relentless Detroit 11 weeks out

8/18 REP lower
knee was still swollen from the weekend so I cut down on the reps I would do. I am not rethinking my squatting up to the meet. I am not sure I can handle so many heavy loads on my back.  Time will tell.

band leg curls 3x10

Box squat 265x8

yoke bar good morning
135 2x5, 185x5

A1 band leg ext (5 second lower)
orange x10, greyx10

A2 wall sit
60 pounds x30 secs, 100 pounds x45, 60 secs

pulldown abs

8/20 Dynamic upper

Speed bench w/ long mini band
165 6x5

3 board 295 2x5
4 board  295x3, 315x3, 335x3, 355x3, 370x6

A1 dips - chain around neck 3x10
A2 rolling db extension 35 3x12

8/21 upper assistance
Neutral grip pulldown 5x12

facepulls with rotator bar 3x20

db preacher curls 3x12 with 5 second lower
hammer curls 30, 35x12

band pushdowns 2x50
band fly/rearfly x50 each.

8/22 Max effort lower

short strap hypers 4 plates 3x8

rackable camber bar goodmornings w/ 120# of chain

yoke bar box squat
225x3, 275 3x1

glute ham raise
orange band x5, grey band x5, black band 2x6

single arm farmers walk 50x2

8/24 Max effort upper
bench against 120 # of chain
135x5, 185 2x3, 225x3, 255x3, 275x1
add 4 board
315x3, 345x1, 375x1, 390xmiss
add catapult

A1 db bench
70 3x15

A2 low cable rows 120 3x12

sled drag Y+T 3x

ez curls and pushdowns

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Relentless 12 weeks out

8/13 DE upper

speed bench with ling mini band
135x5, 145x5, 155 4x5

4 board

A1 dips with 30 pound of chain 4x8
A2 rolling db ext 35 4x12

decline curls

8/14 upper assistance
Neutral grip pulldowns 120 4x12

pulldown abs 70 4x12

Thorasic mobility
rotator cuff work

8/15 and 8/17
I was at the elitefts powerlifting experience and all I have is some video.

Relentless 13 weeks out

I am a little behind on my posts because I was out of town coaching at the elitefts powerlifting experience lat weekend. What an amazing experience and I am sure this will help usher even more people into powerlifting. Anyway onto my training.

8/8 ME lower

A1 GHR - 3x8
A2 TKE 3x12

Yoke bar squat with 120 pound of chain
135, 185, 225x3
255, 285, 315x1
245 x5, 2, 2 rest pause

B1 Front Squat on ramp 95 x20, 15, 10
B2 leg extensions light band x10, 10, green x10

abs against ghr

8/9 Max effort upper 
reverse band bench with large onyx band
335, 385x3, 425x2, 455x1, 475x1, add catapult 500x2, down set 385x7

bradford+1 65, 75, 95x10

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Relentless meet prep 14 weeks out

8/1 ME lower

A1 GHR 3x8
A2 TKE 3x10

deficit deadlift (1+ inch)
385x1, 425x sloppy double overhand
425x1, 475x1
add belt
515x1, 565x1, 585x1 PR

B1 abs against ghr grey band 3x12
B2 Serrano split squats with 1 chain around neck 3x6

8/2 ME upper

reverse light onyx band
315x3, 345x3, 375x2, 405x1
add catapult
425x1, 445x1

Add single ply metal bash bencher
465x3, 493x2, 513x1
Switch to 2ply shirt
543x2, 581x1

A1 close grip bench 225 4x8
A2 tates  35x12, 40 3x12

decline curls 2x15

8/4 Rep lower

A1 ankle weight leg curl 3x12
A2 TKE 3x12

Box squat

195 + 120 pound of chain  4x2

Stiff leg deadlift  335 3x6

B1 Side bend pushdowns 2x10

B2 lunges 2x10

8/6 DE upper

Speed bench w/ short mini band 6x5
add 5 pounds each set 135-165

A1 - close grip 225x5, 245 3x5
A2 - dips 5x10

single arm pushdown - grey band 15, 15, 10 , 10

B1 - fat gripz easy curls 60 3x12
B2 - hammer curls across body 50 3x8

8/7 upper assistance

Chin ups 5x2

side raise with 5 second lower
10x45 seconds, 15 2x45 seconds

band pull aparts
monster mini band 3x15