Saturday, August 23, 2014

Relentless 13 weeks out

I am a little behind on my posts because I was out of town coaching at the elitefts powerlifting experience lat weekend. What an amazing experience and I am sure this will help usher even more people into powerlifting. Anyway onto my training.

8/8 ME lower

A1 GHR - 3x8
A2 TKE 3x12

Yoke bar squat with 120 pound of chain
135, 185, 225x3
255, 285, 315x1
245 x5, 2, 2 rest pause

B1 Front Squat on ramp 95 x20, 15, 10
B2 leg extensions light band x10, 10, green x10

abs against ghr

8/9 Max effort upper 
reverse band bench with large onyx band
335, 385x3, 425x2, 455x1, 475x1, add catapult 500x2, down set 385x7

bradford+1 65, 75, 95x10

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