Friday, June 5, 2015


Turbulence slows things down and makes things bumpy but it won’t stop you in your tracks. An obstacle will stop you…..for a little while atleast.  In his book, The Obstacle Is The Way - Ryan Holiday wrote about Stoicism and using those obstacles in your own favor. 

Don’t woe as me because you can’t easily get what you want. Embrace it and accept the challenge. You control your actions and that is about it. You can’t control that someone else is a jerk or a relative got sick.  You on the other hand CAN control the time you spend with the sick relative and how you respond to said jerk.

When that obstacle presents itself and you start to get down know that this challenge will make you stronger in the future.  Control what is controllable.  You can’t do anything else about the other stuff. Worrying and stressing won’t help either.  Just take action. Some of you won't know what action to take. In that case take a baby step toward where you want to be. Enough baby steps and you will eventually gain momentum and reach your destination.