Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shirt work 4/29

We had enough people to spot this weekend so I decided to put on my bench shirt for the first time since the UGSS at elitefts. The video from that day is below.

I am a 3-4 pounds lighter but I think it is mostly body fat that I have dropped.  This to me shows I need to get in my shirt more often. I also think a new shirt, same size minus the grid stitch might be better.  The cleaner I get it down the faster my press tends to be.

Raw work

3 board 360x1
add shirt
399x3 - very ugly but only 405 and no where close to touching.
449x3 much better
471x2 and missed on 3rd
500x a very ugly 1

I finished up with jm press 155 3x5
neutral grip pull ups 3x5

If I decide to do a meet in June I need to get this ironed out real fast. I feel the strength is there for a pr but I need it dialed in an get 500+ in my hands for the next few weeks.


Rock Smash said...

Hey, Matt. What shirt are you thinking of moving into? Good to see you back at it.

The Iron Edge said...

This is a 2ply bash with grid stitching that I got from someone else. I have a single ply that I really like. I will stay with the same size 2 ply bash but it will be new and no grid stitching. This one is pretty old so I am hoping for an easier touch and more pop. I think there is more left in this shirt but I wear it at my throat and still not touching at about 95% of my best. Thanks for checking it out.