Monday, May 18, 2015

Redline training...hanging on for dear life

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The last few months have been very stressful and that stress is culminating as I move into a new chapter of my life. My training has been my companion, my savior, my void.  I have pushed it as hard as I ever have and my body is responding.  Things have not been idea so my sleep and recovery have been off but I continue to move forward in a positive direction.

I have been focused on my nutrition while stress has been high and this has been a great thing for me. I am still under eating but keeping as much mass as I can.  If all works out I will lift at 220 in July.

5/12 dynamic effort lower
Roller hypers and roller leg curls
70 4 sets of 10 hypers and 10 leg curls

Box squat - Not as speedy as I would like but it is what it is.
255 5x2

Back was out some so I skipped deadlifts
Goblet squat 1.5's on ramp - Occluded (2 sets) 30x15,15,12

A1 - Occluded TKE 2x25, 1x25 5 second hold on multiples of 5
A2 leg raises 2x20

5/13 Dynamic effort upper

Elitefts shoulder saver bench press - 320, 340, 365x5
Speed bench w/ 1 chain 185 3x5, 205 3x5, 225 3x5, single at 255 and 275

A1 - Low incline dumbbell fly - 5 second lower 15x12, 20x12, 25x12
A2 - overhead rope pushdown 20x15 w/10 sec hold on last, 40 2x15 w/ 10 sec hold.

5/14 Upper assistance

A1 - reverse hyper rows 200 4x12
A2 hammer curls across body 25, 35x12, 40 2x12

B1 Incline curls 20x12, 25 2x12
B2 6 way 12 3x6
B3 spider walk 3x 3 up and down

5/15 Max effort lower

I want's planning on doing anything heavy today but thanks to Aaron who is helping me deal with my stress by pushing me in the gym. Without him there I would have gone through the motions.

Deficit deadlift on 3 small mats
315x2, 365, 415, 455, 505, 545, 585, 615x1, 500x8 - Not sure that is a PR but it has been a while since I pulled over 600 raw conventional.  This are working.

GHR ladders x8,7,7 super set with keg carry 3x distance

Walking lunges to the street and back - 120 total

A1 - short strap hypers 4 1/2 plates 2x15
A2 - Pulldown abs 3x15

5/17 - Max effort Upper

pause bench - 330x5,4,3,3

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Illegal wide bench 225 275, 290x10

A1- Ahrens overhead press - 25, 30, 35, 40, 45x10
A2 - Piston pushdown orange 4x25

B1 serrano ohp 5x8, 8x8,x10
B2 sled drag Y+T 45 3x distance

bent over swing rear delt 40 x until traps took over

C1 steep incline db fly 15x12, 20, 25x15, 30x20
C2 decline curls 3 sec lower - 20x15, 25 2x15, 20x  partialsxfail

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