Friday, May 8, 2015

Redline training - pushing harder for a few more weeks.

I continue with my redline training.  Things are pushing the limits and I can tell that I am breaking down some. Sleep is not great, appetite is poor but strength and speed are still there. I am also making diet changes in hopes to remove a little more bodyfat. If it works I might be able to cut to 220. If it doesn't I will be a leaner 242'er

Short strap hypers 205 2x15

Speed deadlift with bow and arrow band set up
20x1 - 10 conventional and 10 sumo.

I didn't write anything else down.

BW 238.5

elitefts shoulder saver 275, 320, 340, 365x5

speed bench 9x5 185, 195, 205

close grip bench with 1 chain  265, 285, 305, 320x1

Tates flat + mini band

Arnold press 25x20, 20, rest pause x12, 6, 4

Sumo deficit deadlift
Knees were achy and I should have stopped before I started. Worked up to 545 and knew I could do it better. Took 585 (way out in front of me) push left knee out hard and left glute and hamstring got real unhappy.  I was done and went home.

pause bench 305 3x7
Illegal wide bench 225x3, 275x8, 295x8

A1 barbell extension to neck 115x6, 135 x6, 6
A2 dips 12, 15, 15, 20

B1 db curls 30 x12, 12
B2 front raise  30 x8, 8

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