Saturday, May 16, 2015

Redline training - How far can I push it?

So I am a little behind. Things have been hectic and posting has been on the back burner.

5/4 - I did something but really didn't write down much.

5/6 Dynamic effort upper

Elitefts sholder saver 265. 285. 305, 325, 345x5

speed bench w/ 1 chain 9x5 185 3x5, 205 3x5, 225 3x5

close grip bench+ 1 chain 305 2x1, 325x1

rolling dumbell extension on incline 50 4x10, then a drop set 45, 40, 35x 10

5/7 upper assistance 

Tbar rows work to a hard 10 190x10
straight arm grenade pulldowns 60x12, 60 2x12
pull ups with band assistance 3xfail (20, 12, 12)

side raises to heavy 8 - 40x8
Ahrens press - 30 3x15
bradford press+1 muscle round   85 miss on set 5 rep 4, rest 20 set get 3 more reps.
band pull aparts monster mini 2x50

barbell curls 3 sec up and 3 down - 65 x12, 10, 8
light band pushdown x100
db preacher curl 20 x12, 10, 10

5/8 Max effort lower

short strap hypers 205 3x12
pulldown abs 4x12
alternating leg curl with iso hold on opposite leg - org 4x10
Yoke bar Anderson squat + chain  405, 435, 455x1, strip set 235x10, 185x10, 135x10
leg extension with 5 second lower 3x12
single leg hypers 250 2x8

5/10 Max effort upper

BW 238.5

Floor press 273x5, 311x5, 354x2, 379x1, 409x1

Took too big of a jump with no hand out. I got greedy and should have played it smart.
Dumbell press on 4 inch incline 70, 100x12 130x12,12,9

Started doing Fat DD pulldows to upper abs inbetween dumbells and continued into next set of exercises. 130 5x12

Barbell extension to neck 135 4x6 superset with dips 5x15 and a few sets of pulldowns
Hex dumbbell press together low incline 20x12, high 20x12 superset with alternating dumbell curls 25 2x12

Alternating dumbbell curls 3x12, facepulls orange 3x20, band upright rows 3x20 orange triset
Trifecta (rear, side front raise without putting down dumbbell 12x20/20/20, 15/15/15, 12/12/12

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