Monday, September 15, 2008

Deadlifting tips

If you pull conventional.

If you are weak off the floor turn your toes out for more leg drive but a harder lockout.
Push your knees out to the side.
Line in the bar with the top of your quads before you pull.
Know what eyelets line up under the bar so you can be consistent.
Drive your heels thru the floor.
Pull the tension out of the bar.
Pull back not up when locking out the weight.
Use your weight as a counter balance.
Let your upper back round some.
Use your belly to push off your legs
It should be hard to get to the bar if you have enough air in your belly.
It is okay to start with your head down.

If you pull Sumo.

Squat the weight up.
It will be slow off the floor keep pulling.
If you tend to lose your balance turn your feet forward some.
Push your knees out.
Start with you head up.
Keep your torso upright.
Pull back.

Other things to try or think about

Deadlift off mats
Go heavier for speed pulls (60-70%).
Low box squats work great.
Deadlift against bands will make you work.
Close stance box squats will build the start of your conventional pull.
Ultra wide deadlifts will build the start of your sumo pull.

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Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for the deadlift tips!

One thing that may help some is to move your eyes up (look up with your eyes, not necessarily your head) as you are coming up to neurologically facilitate extension.

Gotta love deadlifts.
Rock on
Mike N