Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Training log 7/14-7/20

7/14 - Rep lower

Ankle weight leg curls 3x12
TKE 2x12

box squat
250, 285, 315x1

body weight leg extension 2x10

rackable camber bar goodmornings 185, 225x8

7/16 - DE upper

185 9x3 with 60 pound of chain

bamboo bar 4x20
incline db extension 35 5x12

A1 band pushdown 3x20
A2 decline curls 30 3x12

swiss bar curls 3x18

7/17 - upper assistance

Deadstop barbell rows with 5 second lower 135 2x10, 155 2x10

upright rows 115 2x30
A1 side raises 5x15
A2 banded grenade rear fly 4x20

7/18 - ME lower (deload)

A1 roller hyper leg curls 4 plates 3x12
A2 roller hypers 4 plates 3x12

long strap hypers - Do sets of 8 and worked up to 11 1/2 plates adding 2 plates per set
Then a massive drop set. Do 12 reps and drop 2 plates. For a total of 60 reps.

Side bend pushdown 3x12
db stiff leg 100 2x12

7/20 - ME bench

Illegal wide bench 275x6, 295x6

A1 - close grip bench w/ 5 second lower 225 4x6
A2 - grey band pushdown 4x15

B1 trifecta (rear, side, front raise) 20 2x30
B2 trx rows 3x12
B3 hammer curls 353x10

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