Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Training 1/27/07

This is the first week of this training cycle and I am preparing for a meet that is about 12 weeks out. I will write a review of the last few months of training later to get you up to speed.

Morning workout

Speed squat green band and 2 chain. 315 6x2
speed pulls against monster mini 315 5x1
short strap hypers 9strap outside of plates) 240 3x10
pulldown abs 3x10

Video of squats and deadlifts.

24kg kettlebell swings against purple band 3x12
green band round back gms 3x12

I am pushing with my feet first instead of my head. That is why you see my hips come up first in a number of my squats. We just finished using the rackable camber bar so that may have something to do with it. I am also working on lowering my box height. I took out one rubber mat for this three weeks and will remove another for the next three. I need to push up my ab and hamstring work more. I have upped my quad work which has helped my deadift so that will continue.

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Mike T Nelson said...

Nice speed!! Gotta love Children of Bodom for music too. Whooo ha.
Rock on
Mike N