Monday, April 20, 2009

Mommy Monday


During the second trimester is where you'll probably need to start making some changes. Keep a closer eye on your heart rate during cardio, staying under 150 bpm (although I think most websites and doctors will say 140). But if you are already in decent shape and have been training for awhile, you should be ok. Just listen to your body. Anytime your heart rate gets too high, you are pulling the oxygen away from the baby to your working heart and muscles, so that's why you don't want your heart rate too high.

As for lifting, most lifting exercises can stay the same. Again, if you've been lifting, your body should be prepared to continue. Tone down the max effort stuff and start working with submax weights, 3-5 RM's. You can continue to do most of your accessory work, except for anything lying on your stomach (reverse hypers, for example). During this phase, I added in more single leg work (lunges, step-ups, etc) and some circuit type training one day a week. Remember to keep an eye on your heart rate though.

It was also during this time (towards the end of this trimester- after 24 weeks) that I limited my abdominal work. I did some light crunches, but nothing that put too much stress on the abs.

If you are new to training, start slow and only do what your body is accustomed to doing. Pregnancy is not the time to start something different. If you are experiencing any pain, please contact your doctor.

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