Monday, December 6, 2010

Training log with video

Friday Dec 3

Speed squat with green band 275 3x2, 315 3x2

speed deadlift sumo
with monster mini 315 2x1,
add 2 set of chain 315 6x1
conventional 315 w/ monster mini 2x1

Green band leg curls x50
short strap hypers 180 3x12
decline situps 50 4x10

Sunday Dec 5

Bench 225 2x5
neutral grip pull ups 5x5
dips 3x8
y + t 4x12 each way
barbell curls - till pumped

My shoulder held up pretty good this week and I have little pain pressing. I still have some pain right after a set of squats but I hope with time it goes away.

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