Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Training 9/23-9/27

9/23 rep lower

GHR 4x6
MCgill situps 4x6

ssb squats
185x10, 195x10, 205x10, 225x10

Pull thrus 5x10 with 15 seconds rest between sets
Back raise with a pause at top 2x10
Stir the pot 3x8
neck harness

9/25 Dynamic effort upper
BW 240.6

Speed bench with 120# chain
155 9x3

Dead bench
265 and 60#of chain

grenade pushdowns 2x50
incline rolling db extensions 5x10 (15 sec rest)

9/26 upper assistance

hex bar rows 135 5x10
upright rows 95 2x21 (3 grips per set)

A1 barbell curls 2x8
A2 hammer curls - lower half only 2x15

Serrano pulldowns 2x6 left arm only (used to hit lower trap and pull shoulder down)

9/27 Max effort lower

Lying band leg curls 4x10

rackable camber bar squats

camber bar good mornings
185 2x8

TKE 3x?
side bend holds 3x 3x8sec

Demolition on our mud room has been started and I am doing it. I need to cut back training some so I can be productive with the demo work.

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