Thursday, March 22, 2012

Speed bench week 1 3/22/12

I am planning on a bench meet in June and it is time to step things up a bit.

Speed bench with a micro mini and 1 set of chain. The plan is to add more chain each week.
135 x3
155 9x3
177 x1
185 x1

Pin press 3+ inches

I am running an experiment in hopes that putting 90% on my shirt bench every week will prepare me for heavier weights in the shirt.  Most of my max effort work is below 85% of my shirt bench and with a lack of training partners it is hard to get into my shirt more than once every eight weeks.

A1 Grenade fat man rows 4x12
A2 tates 50 4x12

B1 shrugs 225 3x15
B2 battling ropes 3x115 slams.
B3 reverse hyper curls 20kg 3x20

Overall a good session. Weight was 240.8 today.

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