Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend training 3/23 and 3/25

Friday - Not much to say for my lower body workout. Still working around a bum knee.

HIIT on spin bike.  4 minutes slow with 30 seconds as fast as possible. I did 3 full cycles and 4 extra minutes.

wall sits w/ 20 pound weight vest 4x30 sec.

B1- Standing leg curls with 20 pound ankle weights 3x25 each leg

B2 - plank 3x45 sec

C1- calk raise 3x15

C2- Roller hypers 4 plates 2x8

The plan was to put on my bench shirt but I forgot it
Bench - 223x3, 275x2, 310x1, 330x1, 352x1

4 board - 360x3, 380 2x3

A1- reverse band rows 4x12
A2- grenade banded rear flys

B1-  pushdowns on a dip machine 140 3x15
B2- Curls on cable machine 3x12
B3- plate front raise 3x12

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