Friday, March 30, 2012

Nutrition and last 2 workouts.

I have recently started keeping a nutrition long on the forum.  I am trying to tighten up my carb backloading in hopes of leaning out more.

HIIT on spin bike 4 minutes easy/30 sec. hard. 2 cycles of that and another 4 minutes. This will be my 2nd day a week of HIIT. I will build up to 5 cycles each day.

A1 -GCB goodmornings 95x5, 135x5, 185x5. 225x5 (heaviest weight on back since last year)
A2 - spud pull down abs 180x12, 200 3x12

B1 - curls 3x12
B2 - band hip work 3x15

C1 - TKE 3x8
C2 - nech harness 40 3x15

My hands are really starting to feel beat up. I need to adjust to this heavier training. I might need to back down a bit next cycle and add it back in slower.

Speed bench
Micro mini and 28 pounds of chain per side. 155 9x3

pin press 3 inches (guess)
399x3, 449x3, 486x3

A1 - Fat man rows 3x10, 2x8
A2 - tates 50 4x12

B1 - shrugs 275 3x15
B2 - curls 3x12

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