Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Relentless Detroit 3 weeks out

10/13 Dynamic Effort Lower
TRX leg curls 4x10
Speed deadlift 455 5x1
Yoke bar goodmornings 145 3x8
Single leg hypers 4 plates 4x8
Situps on ghr 2x8

10/15 Speed bench
Speed bench – Short mini and long micro mini 165 5x5, 185 1x5, 205, 225x1
Db press on steep incline 80 x12, 9, 9
Banded scap rows – avg band 2x12
A1 neutral grip pushdown 4x10
A2 side raises 4x15

10/16 Bench assistance
Neutral grip pulldowns 4x8
Alternating db curls 3x8
Barbell rows 2x10
Drag curls 2x8

10/17 Max effort Lower
Tuesday my knee felt great. After the soft tissue work my swelling was down to as good as it gets.  Wednesday morning I took my dog for a walk and my knee was tender to talk on. It felt like I had a bruise next to my knee cap. The problem is I did no lower body and don’t remember hitting it on anything. Needless to say I tried to keep things simple and put as little pressure as possible on the joint.
Suspended yoke bar good mornings
Worked up to 365x2 – Very good for me from this position.
A1 long strap hypers 9 plates 4x10
A2 side bends 70 4x12
I trained a client then did Serrano slplit squats with a Purdue Barbell lifter. I think this caused my knee to swell more or stay swollen. I felt alright. I have a feeling my Lateral quad is tight and pulling my kneecap over enough to cause some issues.

10/19 Max effort upper
Had a visitor come in and train with me today. We had a good pace and he pushed me to work harder today. I am always grateful for those workouts.
Reverse band bench with elitefts strong bands
225, 275, 315x5
365x3, 405x2, 455x1, 495x1
515x1, add grey catapult 545x1, 565x1

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