Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Relentless Detroit - 6 weeks out

9/22 REP lower

band leg curl

box squat

Speed squat 235 and 120# of chain  3x2

long strap hypers 8 plates 4x10

9/24 DE upper
Right shoulder felt normal with no issues but my left is still catchy and giving me issues.

If I push the bar very straight with the right grip I could do my board work but speed work was out.

3 board
315 3x5

4 board

4 board was 2 off my record and if my shoulder were healthy I think I could have gotten 10. But as long as I got 5 I can live with this for now.

band pushdowns - avg x50

serrano ohp 15 2x10
tates 40 3x12

9/25 upper assistance 
straight arm grenade pulldown 30 3x12

db curls
grenade facepulls
barbell curls

9/26 Max effort lower

Rackable camber bar box squat  with halfed monster mini band
185, 225, 275, 315x1

Stiff leg deadlifts
275 2x6

9/28 Max effort upper
Shoulder was still bothering me so I took it easy again.
bench w/ 120# of chain
black catapult 275 x3

reverse band jm press 185 5x6
reverse band rows 3x6
hammer curls

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