Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Relentless Detroit - 4 weeks out

10/7 DE lower
Pretty beat up from last weekend so I kept things very easy.
Reverse hypers 8sets
Side bends 3 sets

10/8 DE upper
3 board
275, 295, 315, 335, 355x5
4 board
345 3x5
Speed bench
Short mini + long micro mini
185 6x5
Pushdowns 3x12

10/9 Upper assistance
A1 dumbell rows 130 3x8
A2 DD pulldowns 130 3x8
Jwalking 2x
B1 DB preacher curl 3x12
B2 hammer curls – bottom half 3x12

10/10 Max effort deadlift
Manual leg curls 3x5 assistance from avg band 3x5
Deadlift with plates raised 2 ½ inches (4 mats)
Add  jack sumo deadlifter
625, 675, 715x1, 750 close but no cigar.

10/11 Deadlift For Hope
The meet raised $2500 for Detroit Relentless.  I am very happy about this. 

After the meet I had some soft tissue work done. It beat me up pretty good but I felt better.

10/12 ME upper
Still beat up from the day before I did what I could.
Floor press with 120# of chain 185, 225, 255x1 ( I called it there rather than push it. )

Serrano overhead press 8 2x15

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