Monday, February 9, 2009

Training log 2/8/09-2/9/093

2/8/09 max effort bench

Metal Militia reverse band (blue)

225, 275, 315, 365, 405, 455, 505x1 (pr)

I flared my elbows to early. The set up may have something to do with this but I still got it.

Here is a video of the reverse bands. Also a training partner hitting a huge attempt at 635.

Floor press with 2 chain on each side
135, 185, 225x5, 275x2 (shouder was not happy after the reverse band)

dumbell rows 120 4x8
face pulls 110 2x12
skull crushers with ez curl bar 120 4x10
blast strap y+t 2x8 each direction
db curls 3 sets I wont tell the weight because it is that embarrasing.

2/9/09 speed squat

Speed squat with green band and 2 chain
315x2, 365x1, add suit on top of briefs 405 2x2, 455x2, 495x2

speed deadlift barweight 405x1, 455x1, 505 3x1

Video of the squatting and deadlifting

reverse hypers short strap outside of plates 240 4x12

kettlebell front squat
standing on decline.
8kg 3x12 as far down as I could go.

ghr 3x8
ab wheel 3x8
green band arch back good mornings 3x12

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