Saturday, February 21, 2009

Training log update

My last two max effort workouts were gear work. I put on a borrowed squat suit and worked up to 665 for a double. I need more hamstring work and more ab work before my meet in 8 weeks.

Max effort bench went a little better but I can't quite get over the hump and double more than 515. My left arm stays tucked and I handcuff myself before I get the bar to lockout. Having gained weight since I got the shirt has made touching much harder but I have already taken off five pounds and will take off another five before I have to cut weight before the meet.

This week has been a deload week so it has been pretty low key. All assistance work and I have upped my cardio frequency to four days a week for 20-30 minutes.

The Last three months

We just finished up with a three month cycle and as always there are good and bad things to take from it all. I know I need to keep pushinf my raw strength to get more out of my bench press shirt. We got away from exercises like illegal wide benching and camber bar benching and my raw bench press has stayed the same.

My squat seems to be going well other than my gear work. I have a new squat suit on the way so I will be able to better gauge where I am at with my competition squat.

My deadlift is also in a good place right now. Since I have added in direct quad work the start of my deadlift has gotten better. I hit a big pr against bands and that is a good indicater for me.

As a whole the last cycle was a bit much with all of the band work and gear work. But if all goes well at the meet we may do something like this again. Back to the drawing board.

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